Quantec provides SAFE, RELIABLE and ACCURATE sub surface imaging through the use of proprietary and advanced geophysical surveys. Understanding how these surveys can help is key to running efficient exploration programs. We have created a number of informative on-line presentations to help inform geologists and geophysicists about different surveys and their applications.

These presentations are tailored for geologists, but are also informative for geophysicists and mining company executives who are not familiar with deep imaging techniques. Information is provided on the basic principles, survey logistics and results. Case examples are also shown.

The webinars are set up as separate topics and can be viewed sequentially, or individually. Sessions are roughly one hour. (previously recorded)

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An introduction to the MT method. Topics include MT, AMT, CSAMT and array based MT surveying for deep resistivity mapping.  

Other presentations in the series include;

1. Geophysics for Geologists.   

2. An introduction to the IP method and DEEP IP.  

3. An introduction to 3D IP, What is it and where should it be considered.  

4. Geophysical Exploration methods for Lithium

Spartan MT Survey crews north of Stewart BC.



For questions or more information on these surveys or our other services.. please reach out to Rob Gordon

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